Author Topic: 2012 NCAA Super Regionals - Stony Brook vs Lousiana State  (Read 12453 times)


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thanks for accepting my registration.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend.

would love if some you would come over to our board to discuss it with us (not Tigerdroppings, that place is a cesspool).
i'll post a link if the admins allow that here.

but first, can someone give me the Cliff's notes on what to expect from your team this weekend?
who are your projected starting pitchers?
style of play (small ball, power game, traditional station to station)?
other than Jankowski and Carmona, who else do we need to keep an eye on?
after such a heavy workload last weekend, can Tyler Johnson go deep into a ballgame again this weekend?

My guess on starting pitchers is McNitt on Friday. If McNitt wins, I'm hoping we save Johnson for Sunday and start Vanderka who was great last weekend on Saturday. I don't know what we'll get from Johnson.

I would keep an eye on Maxx Tissenbaum. He's batting .390 with only 6 strikeouts in 223 at bats and was drafted in the 11th round with Carmona. Everyone in the lineup is a capable hitter though. I'm hoping our lefties Jankowski, Tissenbaum, Goldstein, Courtney and switch hitters Carmona and Peragine can give LSU's RHPs some trouble.