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After the controversies against the construction of the Hotel in in forested land, they Hotel has finally started construction. While many dislike the idea I personally think it will be a great addition to the campus and a great move by our administrators. It will allow accommodations for future guests and for prospective students visiting the university. Having a Hotel in campus has many indirect benefits and places us among the few Universities nationally that have one. Hilton will be handed out the administration


The Hotel will be bounded by Circle Road to the west, Nicolls Road (CR-97) to the East, and the Main Entrance (Kenny Drive) to the North. Roughly 100 feet south of the Main campus entrance in front of the Administration Building Parking Lot.

Current Status:

I passed by the area a few weeks ago, and currently the construction is in the groundwork stages. No foundation has been laid yet since the last time I saw it.


Scheduled to be completed in one to two years.

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